What is Cycle Charting?

April 19 2021 – Ana Kafie

What is Cycle Charting?

What is Cycle Charting?

Cycle Charting is an incredible tool used to learn about your menstrual cycle and fertility. 

This method involves tracking your basal body temperature and tracking it on a spread sheet so that you can start to see patterns and gather valuable information about your cycle. 

Temperature is a great indicator of ovulation and helping us determine your most fertile days as our bodies adjust depending on the hormones present. 

Cycle Charting looks at the following:

  • Basal body temperature 
    • Before ovulation temperatures tend to stay low
    • Post ovulation we see a temperature spike
  • Cervical mucus
    • The type of cervical mucus tells us the phase of your cycle i.e. egg white/slippery mucus occurs during your most fertile phase as it helps sperm swim more easily to fertilize an egg

Why cycle chart?

  • Can help us determine lengths of each phase of your cycle - if certain phases are too short or too long we know there might be something going on
  • If there are no temperature spikes and missed periods, it can signify ovulation is not occurring
  • Can help us determine your most fertile window for conception
  • Invaluable information about your unique body and functions 


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