Easy Granola

September 24 2019 – Ana Kafie

Easy Granola

Easy Granola

Growing up I was never a big fan of cereals and granolas or anything that was considered 'sweet' for breakfast. As I got older, I quickly realized that it wasn't that I didn't like sweet things for breakfast, it was the fact that most commercial store granola and cereal brands have an obscene amount of sugar in them that makes them almost sickly sweet that I was repulsed. After playing around with my own recipes I have come up with a delicious combination that is able to provide tons of nutrients, vitamins and protein without compromising taste! I always play around with this recipe and add my favourite nuts and seeds to it (think Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc.) whenever available so let your taste buds do the leading on this one.


2 Cups Rolled Oats (large or small flakes works)

1 Cup Coconut Flakes

¾ Cup Sliced or Slivered Almonds

2 Table Spoons Flaxseeds

1 Table Spoon Chia Seeds

¼ Cup Melted Coconut Oil

2 Tea Spoons Brown Cane Sugar

1 Pinch Sea Salt


  1. Preheat oven to 325°F
  2. Combine Oats, Coconut Flakes, Almonds, Flaxseeds & Chia Seeds together in a large bowl
  3. Combine Melted Coconut oil & Sugar in a small bowl
  4. Pour Coconut Oil mixture into Oat mixture and combine until everything is covered. Add a pinch of Sea Salt.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes, making sure to mix at the half way mark to ensure and even bake. It should be golden in colour when it is finished (I have a very hot oven so 30 minutes is perfect for me, but some may need 45 minutes).
  6. Option to add chocolate chips once cooled for an extra treat!





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